tABLE health works with individuals who want to make strides towards a healthier life.  Our customized services are the perfect complement to traditional nutritional counseling or are a great solution for those looking for accessible ways to incorporate eating fresh, healthy foods into their lifestyles.  

Designing a Healthy Home Kitchen
$100 per session 

A healthy lifestyle starts at home. A tABLE health Kitchen Audit will empower you to put your best foot (or fork?) forward. Each kitchen audit includes a thorough review of the contents of your refrigerator and pantry. We will work with what you already have and help you replace processed foods that are high in calories, sugar and fat with healthful ingredients.

Our unique system of categorizing ingredients as “use often”, “use sometimes” or “use sparingly” will enable you make quick decisions at mealtimes. Kitchen audits also include healthy and creative meal and snack ideas, a list of must-have fridge ingredients and simple cooking techniques.

$100 per tour 

With more choices than ever of products to buy and ways to shop, many people are left wondering where to start. Join us for a personalized tour of your favorite local market. Learn how to make the healthiest choices in every aisle with a focus on seasonal produce and minimally processed ingredients. Store tours include:

  • Decoding food labels
  • Strategies for buying food for an entire week in just one trip
  • Stocking up on the essential ingredients that every healthy home kitchen should have

We also offer tours of kitchen appliance stores to help you select tools and appliances for your healthy home kitchen. Wedding registry consultations are also available.

Private Class (max four people) – $150 per hour
Private Party (minimum five people) – $25 per person per hour

Do you want to learn how to cook healthy, delicious meals for yourself or your family using fresh, local ingredients? tABLE health cooking classes will teach you the basic techniques and skills you need to have confidence in the kitchen. Each session will feature a unique, seasonal menu. Sign up for a group class or book tABLE health for a private session or party.

$100 per session 

Never know what to make for dinner? Packing the same unsatisfying lunch every day? Let us take the pressure off and plan a week’s worth of healthy and delicious meals for you! Our menu planning program can help you make good choices in the short term and give you the tools to succeed on your own in the long term.

The Total Overhaul                                                                                    $945
Consult +10 Follow Ups, Store Tour, Kitchen Audit , Menu Panning + Cooking Class

Other Packages
Initial Consult + Kitchen Audit + Private Cooking Class                               $315
Initial Consult + Menu Planning                                                                   $180
Initial Consult + 10 Follow Ups                                                                    $540
Initial Consult + five Follow Ups                                                                  $315
Store Tour + Kitchen Audit                                                                           $180
Three Private Cooking Classes                                                                     $405

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